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About Our company

Blu Contractor, LLC is a construction company born in Frisco

With the goal to provide solutions to customers regarding building issues. The company counts with several divisions such a roofing, framing, concrete, drywall, painting among others. And we perform general contracting in some cases.

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Years of Experiance

What we do

Our Services

Our superintendents and field team work hand-in-hand with our trade partners throughout construction to provide clients effective management of the schedule, cost, quality and safety. The result is more than a building—it's your vision come to life.


Our team is conformed by forming workers, rebar installers and concrete finishers with many years of experience.


Authorized contractor to reduce and eliminate waste of energy in residential homes, performing:

  • - Attic insulation
  • - LED light bulb replacements
  • - Duct sealing

From the very bottom to the very top of the wooden strcuture of the project, our great carpenters always go beyond expectations.


Concrete’s ability to store energy (its thermal mass) helps moderate interior temperature conditions, reducing a building’s heating and cooling demands over its service life.


Sheathrock instalation is a very importat phase during construction process. Our professionals have the capacity to make it quick and well.


Experience is the key to have a great performance about painting. Very delicate process of the project which must be done by a high quality proffesionals.


Roofing installation is the face of a well done job. It is not about a looking good home only, it is about protection against outdoor weather. Our experts assure to get it.